Who was kareena kapoor dating before saif ali khan

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Kareena wore a multi-colored, ankle-length dress and by the looks of the glamorous diva, it’d be difficult to tell that she gave birth to her baby boy just last week.The couple visited a Mumbai restaurant on Wednesday, according to a report in Indian Express.

So, did Saif get down on one knee for the proposal?We were at the Ritz Hotel at the bar, I think I said no and then there was one more time, in the same trip, and when we were at the Notre Dame Church. Because I was into my career and I was like, ‘let me think about it’ but two days later I was like ‘Yeah! We all know Saif is a true gentleman and looks like he knows how to woo and flatter women too! Ain’t that every woman wants – a gentleman, who values her decision but doesn’t give up hope… Meanwhile, Kareena and Saif are preparing for the arrival of their first baby.The actress is six months pregnant and is due this December.Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan took out a few hours from their new parental duties to sneak away for a romantic date night.Taimur, who was born on December 20, stayed at home as Kareena and Saif took time off and joined their friends Dia Mirza and hubby Sahil Sangha.The couple have been married for nearly four years now and are expecting their first baby this year.

However little did anyone know that Kareena had REJECTED Saif’s proposal twice before finally accepting it!The couple announced the birth of their son in a Mumbai hospital in a tweet on Tuesday, Dec. Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are known as Bollywood's 'royal' couple, but the actress says she rejected Saif 's proposal initially due to her career.They have extra power and so they can multi-task,” Kareena told reporters at a promotional event.“Today I am a wife and all my life I will work and earn money and my husband will support.Kareena and Saif got married in 2012 after a five-year long relationship.