Who discovered radioactive dating

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The question arises, How does one know when one has good samples for dating?The answer is that ‘good’ samples give dates in accord with evolutionary presuppositions.

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The chart could just as well have been drawn by a creationist. Several species are based on the skimpiest evidence (‘imperfectly known’, ‘rare’, ‘scarce’) and the various relationships are largely guesses.

In 1974, a third chronology of the area was published in By late 1974, the KBS Tuff had been dated five different times by four different dating methods.

The alleged compatibility of the different methods would seem to be a geologist’s dream.

The result is a very sanguine and misleading picture of the conformity of the human fossil record with the concept of human evolution.

It is entirely possible that if skull 1470 had never been found, the KBS Tuff would still be dated at 2.61 million years.

The 19 studies on the date of the KBS Tuff contained so many criticisms of all of the earlier studies that they called into question the objectivity and validity of the dating methods themselves.

The above account highlights two major fallacies of radioactive dating.

The main thing the dates did not conform to was the concept of the evolution of pigs and humans.

The evolution of the pigs is said to be the clear-cut answer to the dating problems in east Africa, but the evidence is less than impressive.

Donald Johanson tells of attending the 1975 Bishop Conference on anthropology and geology in London.

A major paper was presented by Basil Cooke (Dalhousie University, Halifax), who had studied the pig sequences in southern Ethiopia, at Hadar (Ethiopia), and at Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania).

At that point, the 10-year controversy over the date of the KBS Tuff came to a close with agreement on the more recent date.

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