Verizon updating evdo towers

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There are similar reduction in data rates with Wi Fi, Wi Max, and DSL.Verizon claims EVDO download speeds of 600-1400 Kbits/sec.

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- Canada: If you will be traveling thru Canada it may not be cheap to use any EVDO service.LTE has taken off in a big way in the United States.Not only is it substantially faster than previous HSDPA and CDMA “3G” standards, but it’s often faster than speeds offered by cable ISPs.- Verizon bills your more for traffic 5 GBytes per month at this time.5 GBytes should be plenty unless you video or game a lot.At the Deutsche Bank db Access Media, Internet, and Telecom conference yesterday, Verizon came out strongly in favor of LTE-only phones.

Fran Shammo, CFO of Verizon, made it clear that once voice over LTE (Vo LTE) is rolled out across the network, LTE-only phones will hit store shelves.Verizon does NOT have to be your cell phone provider.EVDO is more expensive than most DSL services but less expensive than satellite internet connections.AT&T also has GByte limit - Cingular (AT&T), T-Mobile, Sprint, and others provide EVDO/3G high speed service, but have much less US coverage. Note: they do not indicate which EVDO USB device they provide, and many devices do not have a connection to an external antenna.Altell also does not require a contract, but has limited coverage.- Can surf with a USB modem (USB720 is good or smart phone (some smart phones are free on Verizon web site, but you will also need a office kit).