Updating your nim image

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Updating your nim image - realdatings lv

This can be the location of the source code or the name of another NIM lpp_source resource.

This new image can now be updated and used to boot the node.It covers both the switching of the node to a completely different image or updated the current image.It is not meant to be an exhaustive presentation of all options that are available to x CAT/AIX system administrators.The new image could be a completely new operating system image or it could be a copy of the the existing image that you can update as needed.In this case we create a new x CAT osimage definition with a new set of resources by running the x CAT mknimimage command with the source for the new resources.There are various techniques that can be used to update the nodes of an x CAT cluster.

This document describes some of the basic support that is provided for AIX nodes.

See the updatenode man page for for details and examples.

To update an AIX diskless node with new or additional software you must modify the NIM SPOT resource (operating system image) that the node is using and then reboot the node with the new SPOT.

You cannot install software on a running diskless node directly.

This section describes how AIX diskless nodes can be updated using x CAT and AIX/NIM commands.

This name will be used for the NIM SPOT resource definition as well as the x CAT osimage definition.