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Teresa palmer daniel radcliffe dating - dating fear being hurt

You’re just like, ‘Ahh, let’s just get this out of the way.Let’s just do it.’ I think [director] Rod Hardy did that, especially.

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I’m naturally quite a bubbly, happy person and I’m not a seductress, so it was hard to draw from any personal experiences. I remember him saying, ‘I’m a little bit nervous,’ and we both kind of admitted it to each other. That was actually the last scene we shot in the film and we finished shooting it at 4am in the morning on Christmas Eve.And the reason I spoke out about it was because I felt someone else would and I should take control...which is exactly what I did.’Radcliffe says Harry Potter haunted him in other ways.Palmer had not seen a single Harry Potter movie before shooting began and so she wasn’t as star-struck by her onscreen love interest as some actresses might have been.“This is going to sound really weird but I actually didn’t know who Daniel was because I hadn’t seen the Harry Potter films. But, everyone around me made such a huge deal about it that I couldn’t help but be really nervous when I first met him. It was sort of bizarre because I’d never seen him in anything.I heard ‘Daniel Radcliffe’ and I was like, ‘Oh, okay.’ And then someone was like, ‘Harry Potter, helloooo! Too much hype about it - but it was sort of great for us. It was such a good experience.”Teresa Palmer Has Nothing Against Fantasy Films: Palmer explained that’s not the reason she hasn’t seen the Harry Potter movies. “I’ve been told that you need like two weeks to sit down and watch all the Harry Potter films and read all the books at the same time.Although he acknowledges that winning the role of the boy wizard was the movie equivalent of winning a Willy Wonka golden ticket to fame and fortune, there were many times Radcliffe could barely watch himself on screen.

'When you take your clothes off - whoever you are - there is very little acting going on...

Teresa Palmer made her American feature film debut as one of the bitchy schoolgirls in the horror film The Grudge 2.

But prior to shooting that movie, Palmer worked on the independent drama December Boys alongside Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

'Doing (Harry) Potter was an incredible blessing because it gave me this opportunity to start a fantastic career.

But then the moments I'm not as proud of..all on film for everyone to see,' said Daniel 'Ultimately you have to look to yourself or a handful of people to get a proper opinion.

I really love the fact that I’ve never seen or heard of a character like Lucy before who was this young flower girl who is very overtly sexual, and she uses her body to manipulate men. The director kind of directed me and helped me out trying to create and mold the character.”That Love Scene: Every Daniel Radcliffe fan is going to want to know about the love scene in December Boys and Palmer was happy to talk about filming it.