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Teens are one of the most at risk age categories for experiencing sexual violence.Teenagers’ experiences of sexual violence may involve the use of alcohol and/or drugs by the victim, the perpetrator, or both.

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One winter day during my junior year, I found out that he had cheated on me again. He became enraged as I walked away to my class but he didn't follow me.Unfortunately, teen dating violence—the type of intimate partner violence that occurs between two young people who are, or who were once in, an intimate relationship—is a serious problem in the United States.A national survey found that ten percent of teens, female and male, had been the victims of physical dating violence within the past year and can increase the risk of physical injury, poor academic performance, binge drinking, suicide attempts, unhealthy sexual behaviors, substance abuse, negative body image and self-esteem, and violence in future relationships.Teen Dating Violence can include: If you are a teen who has been hurt by your partner, there is help.You can seek medical attention or contact your local Network program to anonymously talk to an advocate who can help you decide what to do.After class had begun, I heard the door swing open, which was at the front of the classroom. In that moment, I had two choices: I could either sit there and continue to be belittled in front of everyone because he wasn't going to leave, and nobody else was going to say or do anything, or I could walk out and be shamed anyway because I had given into his threats. I never imagined such shame and at 15 years old, understood it even less.

Everybody turned and looked at me in shock but nobody said a word. As we walked down the hall, he spit in my face, pulled my necklace off my neck, threw it in the trashcan and he threw me up against the lockers. It didn't begin immediately, in fact, there weren't any signs until we had been dating for almost a year.If you have been raped or feel uncomfortable about a sexual experience that happened while you were drunk or high, call the sexual violence hotline at 800-489-7273—for more information, or just to talk.Dating violence is controlling, abusive, and aggressive behavior in a relationship. It can include verbal, emotional, physical, sexual abuse or a combination.It was easier to live with the shame and guilt in secrecy.It was easier to stay and suffer in private than to try to leave and be humiliated in public.Teens are often reluctant to seek help from adults and adult-designed services.