Songs not updating on sandisk fuze

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Songs not updating on sandisk fuze - seriousintimacy dating

The sound is very accurately produced at all ranges. The volume goes up much higher than I could ever think I would need it.For those of you who are runners, I use the earphones that come with it and they direct the sound very well into my ears so I do not have to make it too loud and can still hear some of the environmental sounds: wind noise is hardly noticeable.

Unlike the i Pod however, the speed is fixed; continuously scrolling through your music will not 'accelerate' the scroll speed after several seconds.

Jam to FM radio with 40 preset stations, play with the built-in voice recorder, and share your photos wherever you go.

Choose from five electric colors: blue, red, pink, black or silver.

The codec support is about average, not great but it satisfies my needs as 99% of my music is encoded in mp3 format.

One of my dislikes is common among all sandisk mp3 players(and most other players) is that the charging/syncing port is proprietary.

Expansion port works great, currently using a 4GB microsdhc to shuttle podcasts/audiobooks between it my pc.

Navigation is a breeze and the menus are very intuitive, the scroll wheel/buttons are easy to find and press even with the player not in sight.With a completely full internal memory and half full 4gb card my refreshes only take 15-30 seconds. The boot-up is about 3-5 seconds from off to playing music after pressing the power button.It will resume the music exactly where you left it when turning it off. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, best on the market right now but not perfect of course. Technically the device is performing as intended but I am hoping for a firmware update to "resolve" these.1.The price, capacity and design of the Fuze 8GB are great, however I have had some issues with my Fuze since picking it up a couple months ago:1) The screen is easily scratched: I have been carrying it in the front pocket of my jeans with nothing else, and the display screen has lots of little scratches on it (they showed up the first day even).Not at all scratch resistant, if you get one make sure you get a shield for the screen.Not a big issue, mini-usb would have been nice though.