Search is tuna fish sedating

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Search is tuna fish sedating

Bigeye tuna can grow up to about 6 feet in length and weigh up to about 400 pounds.Like other tunas, the bigeye has been subject to overfishing.

They are a wide-ranging fish, living in tropical, subtropical and temperate oceans around the world.

The bigeye tuna looks similar to the yellowfin tuna, but has larger eyes, which is how it got its name.

This tuna is usually found in warmer tropical and subtropical waters in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Atlantic bluefin tuna are large, streamlined fish that live in the pelagic zone. They are a large fish, growing to lengths of 9 feet and weights of 1,500 pounds.

Tuna are a popular sportfish due to their popularity as a choice for sushi, sashimi and steaks. More » The Southern bluefin tuna, like the Atlantic bluefin tuna, is a fast, streamlined species.

There are nearly 50 species of tuna found in all tropical and temperate oceans.

Sport fisherman generally fish for tuna using a rod and reel.Skipjack tunas have a tendency to school under floating objects, such as debris in the water, marine mammals or other drifting objects.They are distinctive among tunas in having 4-6 stripes that run the length of their body from gills to tail.There are advisories about consuming too much tuna because of high mercury levels in the fish.Albacore are sometimes caught by trollers, who tow a series of jigs, or lures, slowly behind a vessel.The Southern bluefin is found throughout the oceans in the Southern Hemisphere, in latitudes roughly from 30-50 degrees south.