Sarah roemer dating rob pattinson

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Sarah roemer dating rob pattinson

Может быть, «сумеречные» возлюбленные все-таки снова сойдутся?

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На Олимп славы Роб взобрался под руку с партнершей по «Сумеркам» Кристен Стюарт.Those were based on nothing, and this Pattinson-Roemer meet-up is just as scandal-free.Gossip Cop is continuing to reach out to friends and associates to get more details about their platonic night out with pals.Robert Pattinson hopped into the back of a car with a female friend in LA last night.Rob and 27-year-old actress Sarah Roemer were out for the evening at La Poubelle bar, where they apparently met up with pals."27-year-old Sarah, a California native, is best known for playing Shia La Beouf's love interest in the film star's next girlfriend?

До того, как Роберт Паттинсон стал звездой «Сумерек», его личная жизнь никого совершенно не интересовала.В глазах поклонников эти двое стали неделимы как Том и Джерри, как козел и капуста...Роман длился 4 года, дело шло к свадьбе: влюбленные даже купили домик для совместного проживания.star’s face is splashed all over the tabloids with unnecessary speculation surrounding her relationship with 25-year-old RPattz, who is dating Kristen Stewart.Click the pics to find out more about the up and coming actress including how she’s connected with KStew!Actress and former swimsuit model Sarah Roemer is the total opposite of Kristen Stewart: She's blonde and busty and even reportedly posed for co-star, Robert Pattinson, spotted leaving with Sarah after a night out at an LA bar? According to Celeb Dirty, RPatz was ignoring all of the women in the bar, until he spotted Sarah:"Rob was literally fending off advances from girls, left and right.

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