Roshon fegan and zendaya coleman dating

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Roshon fegan and zendaya coleman dating - are gabriella wilde and logan lerman dating

Roshon Bernard Fegan (born October 6, 1991) is an American actor, dancer and musician.He is best known for his role as Sander Loya in the Disney Channel movie franchise Camp Rock and for his role as Ty Blue on the Disney Channel original series Shake It Up! Fegan was born and raised in Los Angeles, the son of Roy Fegan, a well known television actor.

In his free time, Fegan is a music producer who creates his own music.Fegan has released a number of singles on i Tunes and is finishing his first self produced album under his own label, called "3ina Ro Entertainment." He has a passion for dance, acting and music.A drummer since the age of two, he has also learned to play piano, guitar, sing and write his own songs.The current relationship status of Roshon Fegan is not known. Zendaya, which means "to give thanks" in the language of Shona, was born in Oakland, California.once again giving us hope that one of the world's dopest potential couples could become a thing. READ MORE Zendaya Coleman's parents are splitting up after 8 years of marriage, and while it appears to be amicable ... you've been cleared to take Zendaya on a 2nd date (if she wants) ...

Zendaya could be smack in the middle of settlement negotiations. READ MORE Zendaya swagged out in a stunning rental during a family vacation in Brazil ... Zendaya spent a week in Rio and secured the spectacular Casa do Luz hooked up by Airbnb. READ MORE Do you date, marry or kill Odell Beckham?? because her dad says the NFL star passed his "interview" with flying colors!!!

"I know but we can't date no more I have a boyfriend"She said My heart broke into little pieces, I felt betrayed I let go of her face and put my hands on my face. Tears were coming down from my eyes, I really messed up.

"Thank you, Roshon I need to tell you something." She said looking down. I held her face close to mine so our noses were touching,her eyes were beautiful "Im here forever,im not leaving no more"I said still looking at her. "Ok, then I will go back to Philippines." I said (Zendaya POV) "Please dont say that Ro I've missed you,you can't go back." I said holding his arms. " he shouted-whispeared I gently let go of his arm,he wasen't even facing me.

" I asked "We are not dating" She said I was confused "What do you mean "we are not dating" I asked "I mean that went you moved from Oakland to Philippines I broke up with you, because I thought you had another girlfriend or something"She said sadly.

Noted for his role as Ty Blue in the Disney Channel sitcom, Shake It Up, and has appeared in a recurring role in the Camp Rock movie franchise.

He makes You Tube videos with fellow actor Cody Linley.