Pacing a relationship dating

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Pacing a relationship dating - dating for shy people

Some partners become very upset and urgent when problems arise in relationships.

Think of it as a 7 course dinner and they get to taste a little bit each time they see you.

Don’t allow someone to take over your life because it feels good to be wanted by someone who is so crazy about you. Just because some people fall in love in 6 weeks on reality shows like doesn’t mean this is normal and that it will happen to you.

Life is complicated and it is not easy to have balance & harmony without making a compromising effort. So the next time someone comes galloping into your world with a fast paced excitement, take the lead and slow it down.

Meeting someone who we are really attracted to and have a huge chemistry with is such a wonderful feeling and literally grabs us by the “short & curlies” enticing our full attention and craving more!

While this wow-factor connection is generally a good thing, it is how we handle it in the early stages that will either a future commitment with them.

Pacing an intimate relationship is about rhythm, timing, and inter-dependent, consistent communication, much like dance partners in an intricate performance or bound-together runners in a three-legged race What one partner does, the other must be able to weave in his or her reciprocal movements in perfect harmony if they are to be successful in their endeavors.

All potential partners have their own way of approach pacing, within-relationship pacing, and trouble-shooting and repair pacing.Pacing yourself in new situations allows you to step back & observe with a realistic approach.Temptations can be very addicting when put in your path and like anything in your life, knowing when not to over indulge is the key to a desirable balance & moderation. You also respect yourself more because you had willpower and some control over your choices.Don’t be so available and do not alter your plans to be with them.If this amazing partnership is meant to be they need to be a great part of your life but not your entire life.Do not live for someone else or let them direct your emotions.