Ms project complete not updating

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Ms project complete not updating

(For those math nuts out there, note that rolled up Actual Duration doesn’t include any adjustment in % Complete for incomplete milestones.

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Note how the summary row calculates differently between the custom formulas we just developed and the out of the box rollup calculations.

So the formula still stands, with the caveat that if you have one or more unfinished milestones in your project, that formula will result in 99%. For tasks without assignments, this is simple enough.

Actual Duration is the elapsed duration from the start of the task to the last date on which work was booked (which can be displayed as the Stop field.) How does that roll up to a summary level though? At the summary level, the system uses the following equation: .

These are some of the riddles that I’ve had to work through of late as I work with end users who have grown up using another scheduling tool.

As we work through the intricacies of scheduling in Microsoft Project, they keep hitting me up with all sorts of interesting questions about specific calculations – often times forcing me to go back and investigate knowledge I’ve always taken for granted.

If your colleagues have auto-levelling switched off then no such re-scheduling will take place. At the bottom of the Advanced page, there are options for how Project deals with the % complete and the status date.

Those options will move tasks around based upon the status date and the % complete.In the following example, 1 hour was worked out of 9 planned, giving us an Actual Duration of .11 days (1/9).% Complete then is the calculation of that number divided by Duration – i.e.So just to wrap up this topic….let’s make sure we also understand how % Complete and Actual Duration roll up from assignments at the task level….On tasks with assignments, the Actual Duration rolls up on a daily basis as the total of for each day that work is booked.It does not change the date of the task that I marked as 100%, as expected.

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