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Driven by some unknown urge, the killer began to taunt police.When officers returned to search the farmhouse a second time, they found clothes that had not previously been there. Lined up along the driveway, cops found five clipped lilac blossoms -- one, presumably, for each victim.

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The first to get it was Mary Fleszar, in July of 1967.

Three days after Beineman was discovered, State Police Corporal David Leik returned to his home in Ypsilanti after a family vacation.

He discovered black paint splashed across his basement floor, surmising that it had been spilled by his wife's nephew, (you guessed it) John Collins, who had been caring for the family dog.

The next unlucky contestant was Alice Kalom, found discarded like garbage in a vacant field.

She had been raped, repeatedly skewered, her throat slashed and a bullet fired into her brain before the killer's rage was finally spent.

Mixer had been strangled with a nylon stocking, and a bullet had been fired into her brain at point-blank range before her corpse was found on March 21, 1969.

It was the end of quiet times and the beginning of a ruthless siege in Ypsilanti, as the co-ed killer stepped up his attacks in both ferocity and frequency.On March 25, construction workers near the scene of Joan Schell's murder stumbled on another corpse.The victim, sixteen-year-old Maralynn Skelton, had been killed by crushing blows about the head; a stick had been rammed into her vagina, and police reported evidence of flogging with a heavy strap or belt before she died.Leik was later told that Collins had been questioned in connection with the killings, whereupon he hurried home and scraped away the paint, uncovering peculiar brownish stains underneath.Lab analysis showed the stains were only varnish -- *but* in scraping up the paint, Leik had been forced to move the washing machine -- and found *tufts of hair* (relics from his sons' haircuts in the basement).Vanished from the campus of EMU, she was found August 7th, rotting -- stabbed then hacked to pieces.

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