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Over time, Mario's appearance has become more defined; blue eyes, white gloves, brown shoes, a red "M" in a white circle on the front of his hat and gold buttons on his overalls have been added.The colors of his shirt and overalls were also reversed from a blue shirt with red overalls to a red shirt with blue overalls.

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Since 1995, Mario has been voiced by Charles Martinet.

At the time, however, Miyamoto was unable to acquire a license to use the characters (and would not until 1982 with Popeye), so he ended up making an unnamed player character, Donkey Kong, and Lady (later known as Pauline).

In the early stages of Donkey Kong, Mario was unable to jump, and the focus was to escape a maze.

Inside the eighth castle, Mario has a final fight with King Koopa and frees Princess Toadstool. 2, the player can choose between Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Princess Peach.

Each character possesses unique abilities (Luigi has stronger jumping ability, Toad can dig the fastest, and Peach can float), with Mario being the most well-rounded. 3, Mario quests to save the rulers of seven kingdoms from Bowser and his children, the Koopalings, and Mario travels across eight worlds to restore order to the Mushroom World and to rescue Princess Peach.

Hit the road with the definitive version of Mario Kart 8 and play anytime, anywhere!

Race your friends or battle them in a revised Battle mode on new and returning battle courses.Shigeru Miyamoto created Mario while developing Donkey Kong in an attempt to produce a best-selling video game for Nintendo; previous titles like Sheriff had not achieved the same success as titles like Pac-Man.Originally, Miyamoto wanted to create a video game that used the characters Popeye, Bluto, and Olive Oyl.To make him appear human onscreen despite his small size, Mario was given distinct features, prominently a large nose and a mustache, which avoided the need to draw a mouth and facial expressions on the small onscreen character.Miyamoto developed Mario with the idea of using him as a "go to" character that could be put into any title as needed, albeit in cameo appearances, as at the time Miyamoto was not expecting Mario to become popular.Serving as the company's mascot and the eponymous protagonist of the series, Mario has appeared in over 200 video games since his creation.

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