Maintain friendships while dating

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Maintain friendships while dating

"My husband's friendship with his former best friend was a blessing in disguise, as now she is my best friend and we both are godparents to her children." Not all opposite-sex friendships are so well received.Janes husband was training for a marathon with a group of women and men.

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But you don’t have to have hours to spare to maintain a friendship.

Instead try the following to keep from neglecting your friends: Flexibility is always important for maintaining friendships.

However, Jane became extremely uncomfortable when she learned that her husband was running the long runs solely with another woman.

"He has never given me reason to worry, but I still didnt like the thought of just the two of them spending so much time alone," says Jane.

As their dating relationship became more serious, the friendship morphed and the two women became the closer friends.

Then, when the female friend began a romantic relationship with someone else, the two couples spent a lot of time together.

They are not intended to take the place of advice of a health professional whose advice you might need to seek.

By the time we spend countless hours at work, along with exercise and sports activities with opposite sex colleagues, we often end up associating with our "friends" more than we interact with our spouse.

Not to mention, how easily technology and social media have created new platforms for friendships with the opposite sexyet, again, not with our own spouse.

As society becomes increasingly more integrated among gender lines, the age-old question remains: "Can men and women really just be friends?

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