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Hip hop artist dating - dating kingdom

In 1998, she married guitarist GAKU of rock band THE THRILL.She gave birth to a son in 2001, but she and GAKU divorced in 2004.

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Look, while I’m the first person to say that it’s possible to like things that are problematic, I’ll also be the first person to call out any hip hop artists who are sexist, homophobic jerks with lyrics to match.

Nooky, Urthboy (The Herd), Birdz (Nathan Bird), Thundamentals (Tuka and Jeswon), L-Fresh the Lion, Tasman Keith, Ozi Batla, Kaylah Truth, Coda Conduct (Erica and Sally) and Hau (Koolism) are all a part of an historic and powerful collaboration, 3LACK60, released today on NITV.

NITV caught up with some of the artists to find out how and why they got involved in the project.

I’ve got a golden box down here, so I need to know that you got that special key!

” Of course, with Amber’s risqué questions, the fun didn’t come to an end!

She also asked Faith about her dating life, inquiring what she looks for in a man considering her sky-rocketing career and superstar status.

Faith responded in the best way, “I need to know that you’re solid, and you packing!

Missy Elliott Sure, she’s mostly known for her acting these days but in the early ’90s Queen Latifah was an amazing rapper.

She went backstage at the Hip Hop Honors show on July 11 to get the scoop from the likes of Faith Evans, 43, La La Anthony, 37, and more.

I shouldn’t even to go into the number of indie rock artists out there who have been accused of committing actual abuse in real life.

Maybe its hip hop’s bravado that puts people on edge, or maybe people tend to assume the worst from a genre that was created and popularized by black musicians (hey, rock n’ roll was despised at first, too).

Urthboy (Tim Levinson) is an award-winning hip hop artist from Sydney, who arrived on the music scene in 2004, picking up J, ARIA and AIR nominations and awards ever since.

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