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Gaga did not pose for photographers, but did share a snap of herself post-show via her own social networking site...

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I just received my 100ml bottle in the mail earlier this week - great bottle!Anyway, I see no reason to own it as long as I have Man, but most probably this is the one that will take over after my discontinued Man is empty - at that time I reckon the price of Oud Noir will be identical to Versace Man of today.Definitely one of the best releases from Versace in the last five years.(Photo: Getty Images)Donatella Versace has a very...particular look, so making a movie about her life could have proved difficult for the casting department had Lifetime's hair, makeup, and wardrobe departments not been on point.2 weeks later I was in the Versace store with my now ex-girlfriend and decided to give it another shot.

Upon spraying, my ex-girlfriend immediately loved it, and surprisingly I did also.

This one's performance and projection isnt impressive! When I first heard of the comparisons to Versace Man, I was very doubtful, as I own and love Man and could not get into my head how an oud-based scent could be similar to a saffron-based scent.

The oud is slightly synthetic, sweet and westernized, so that it won't come across as anything "rotten" - so glad they didn't mix any rose into this one.

About 2 months ago I started to discover the world of Oud.

I sprayed this at The Bay and didn't like it at first.

Given Name: Donatella Versace Age: 61 (5/2/1955)Occupation: Fashion - Designer Most Famous For: Sister of Versace Founder Gianni Versace and Heir of Versace "When 'Teen Mom' aired last December, I was upset with myself because I saw how I let Ryan walk all over me.

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