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The Blaze also reported that teachers were “asked to sign a contract that would prevent them from revealing what was in the CSCOPE lessons or face civil and criminal penalties.” The controversial program’s website states that CSCOPE is a comprehensive online curriculum management system developed and owned by the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC), a consortium composed of the 20 ESCs in the state.” It goes on to explain that the CSCOPE system provides curriculum framework for grades kindergarten through 12 across a broad range of subject areas.

CSCOPE’s director, Wade Labay has defended his curriculum and maintained that controversy has stemmed from misconceptions.” For instance, he said that framing the Boston Tea Party as an act of terrorism was merely one teacher’s way to engage students in the day’s lesson. Patrick, who chairs the Senate Education Committee, has led the CSCOPE hearings, bringing the controversial system to public light.To note just how off-color some of the CSCOPE curriculum is, consider that the Texas CSCOPE Review, an independent watchdog group, uncovered an out-of-date, optional CSCOPE lesson-plan on terrorism — “World History Unit 12 Lesson 07″ — which allegedly likens the Boston Tea Party to “an act of terrorism.” The system also recently asked students to design a flag for a new socialist nation.To glean greater insight, Glenn Beck invited special guests David Barton and Pat Gray, along with teachers Mary Bowen, Stan Hartzler and Texas State Sen.Christopher Columbus, Rosh Hashanah and Christmas are all relegated to the dustbin along with American military history.Equality and a belief in justice is replaced by “fairness” and instruction on American propaganda and imperialism.That question and a myriad others are what critics hope to get to the bottom of.

But while the groups to which CSCOPE appears relatively beholden may sound alarms for critics, the actual researchers CSCOPE credits with providing the basis for its curriculum seem to be formidable industry veterans by and large.

Those educators include Robert Marzano, Fenwick English, John Crain, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Grant Wiggins, Jay Mc Tighe, H. CSCOPE has been adopted by some 75 percent of Texas schools and the aim was to implement a national adoption of the management system.

However, according to some education blogs, Common Core Standards sought to purchase CSCOP as a national curriculum standard.

He called Lawrence White (John Bowe) and the pair had a clandestine meeting during which Ross asked for a wad of cash.

Viewers were left mulling over what Ross could be planning and shared their thoughts on social media after the Emmerdale Twitter account posed the question to them.

Heather said: "@emmerdale i know what hes up to but you cant stay angry with him for long lol." Her thoughts were shared by Melanie, who posted:" I don't think people realise just how happy I am that Ross is back in emmerdale. Actor Michael has already said that Ross's return is going to be "electric" and promised there was "going to be trouble".

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