Dating secrets of the ten commandments

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The author of a number of books, including Kosher Sex, he is a frequent guest on radio and television.Born in Los Angeles and raised in Miami, he served for many years as Rabbi at Oxford University in England.

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Enjoy free samples, choose on-the-go content for your on-the-go lifestyle, and download full titles to your desktop, laptop or any portable media player.If you have some gentile genes mixed into you, a doctor. I decided that the first thing that I would do in the morning was to call Ronald Reagan--who was our President at the time--and tell him I was the Messiah, but make sure he kept it a secret. I was a bit worried about all the innocent lives I might have to destroy in Las Vegas. By the morning David had sobered up and remembered nothing of the night before. My Messianic mission was over, having lasted a measly eight hours.If your mother smoked heavily while she was pregnant with you, you become an accountant. The other boys rechecked the supposed new mystical name of God that he had revealed in the night, and discovered the letters actually came out as something like IMFULLACRAP. But the point of the story is that I had stayed up all night, at the age of fifteen, and was prepared to take upon myself an immense amount of work and global responsibility, just because someone had made me feel special. The greatest human need is to feel unique, distinguished and special.The Rules meets the Torah in Dating Secrets of the Ten Commandments, a fresh, sane look at the dating game by Shmuley Boteach, author of the bestseller Kosher Sex.Does the whole business of dating fill you with dread? Do you prefer the company of your cat to that of members of the opposite sex?We hear the confidence in this introduction and think, "Wow, this God is one cool customer . ."I was fifteen years old when I decided that God was cool and that I was going to be a Rabbi, and so I went to a seminary in California.

(Almost the only issue that united my divorced parents was mutual hostility to the path I had chosen in life. If you are really bright, you become an investment banker.

Enhance your attractiveness by maintaining mystique Become a heart-maker rather than a heart-breaker Know when you have found a loving soul mate rather than just a partner The Ten Commandments are the ultimate plan for fulfillment and contentment. (Exodus 20:2)That's one hell of an introduction, isn't it?

In applying the timeless wisdom they contain to dating and romance, Shmuley Boteach will help you discover the joyful rewards of making someone else happy. Primacy--Make Your Date Know That He or She Comes First To do something, say something, see something, before anybody else--these are things that confer a pleasure compared with which other pleasures are tame and commonplace, other ecstacies cheap and trivial.--Mark Twain (1835-1910), U. author, The Innocents Abroad THE FIRST COMMANDMENT: I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery . No goofy pickup line, just straightforward, personal information--the tachless, as we say in Jew talk.

My head swelled to the size of a watermelon and I couldn't fit through the door. Give your boyfriend or girlfriend precedence, make them feel that they are more important than everything else. Praise for Kosher Sex:"A saucy, slim volume--[proves] that sex can be both holy and hot."--USA Today"Boteach possesses the power to surprise as much as he does to preach--Sure to set off firecrackers in traditional Jewish circles--Provocative."--Publishers Weekly"A sex book with a difference--preaches back-to-bedroom basics--[while bringing] Jewish teachings on sex to a wider public: Jewish, Gentile, atheist, and anyone else who cares to listen."--Time magazine"[Boteach's] engaging style, linking Jewish biblical beliefs and Mosaic law with the down and dirty details of sexual intimacy, has attracted a huge audience--With wit and wisdom, Boteach explores lust and commitment, love and intimacy, jealousy, mystery, and romance."--Atlanta Journal-Constitution From the Hardcover edition.

Coming even five minutes late to a date is basically a statement that something more important than them came up.

Does life in Antarctica suddenly seem very appealing? Shmuley Boteach will show you that lasting love is indeed within your reach, whatever your age, faith, or situation.