Dating out of convenience

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Dating out of convenience - dating for good looking people

'But sometimes love comes after marriage and not before, and then it is better.

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I had gone on board early in the morning and soon discovered that I was thrown amid the oddest collection of persons I had ever encountered.There would be no harm in asking her.''But I do not know your cousin and I don't see how I am to make her acquaintance.''I will tell you what to do,' said my friend.'Go to Geneva and take her a box of chocolates from me.She towered over her diminutive husband like a skyscraper over a shack.He talked incessantly, with vivacity and wit, and when he said anything amusing her heavy features relaxed into a large fond smile.Soon, influenced perhaps by the night, the Italian tenor, accompanying himself on his guitar began to sing.

He had the real Italian voice, and he sang the Neapolitan songs.

''Certainly,' I answered.'In that case I am afraid I must withdraw my offer. 'If you can find a wife in a month you can go, but no wife no job.'I walked away from the ministry with death in my heart.

For this position it is essential that you should be married.''It is too long a story to tell you, but the gist of it was that owing to the scandal my predecessor had caused, it had been decided that the next Governor must be a model of respectability. Suddenly I made up my mind.1 walked to the offices of the Figaro, composed an advertisement, and handed it in for insertion.

Monsieur Le Gouveneur was a little man, well below the average height, and smally made, with a very ugly little face; he had a bushy grey head, bushy grey eyebrows, and a bushy grey moustache.

The French official had been accompanied on board by the French minister at Bangkok, one or two secretaries and a prince of a royal family. I had heard the captain address him as Monsieur Le Gouveneur.

Within an hour I received her reply to the effect that she would be pleased to receive me at four o'clock in the afternoon.