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It is a day to think about all the things Dad has given us over the years, from teaching us to ride a bicycle, how to barbeque, and tips on relationships and dating.

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For more advice on the single Dad and dating, check out these articles from the’s Happen Magazine: Dating a Single Dad?

They probably can't handle the kids, how are they going to handle you in their life?

Unless there is a reason you emotionally need to attach yourself to already half-raised kids, I would avoid type 3.

Here – with top tips on single mom dating, single dad dating and meeting the kids – is our ultimate guide to dating a single parent: If – like 80% of our members – you’re happy to look for love with a single parent, why not join us today?

It’s fair to say that 100% of our members are here for the same thing – they’re looking for lasting love and a deeper connection.

That said, dating a single parent presents its own set of unique challenges…

The first thing to accept is that dating a single parent is a game-changer; forget everything you’ve learnt about the ‘rules’ of dating to this point, because many of them just won’t apply here.From our recent survey and our own data, we found that in the community: The ages of our single Dads are across the board and are naturally greater in number within the traditional age range where kids may still be living at home.Interestingly, our research also shows that having kids living at home has a slight positive effect on a single Dad’s chance of success on!would happily date a single parent, but how surprising is that really?Highly educated, and between the age of 30-55, our members are genuinely looking for long-lasting love, and are perhaps more understanding and decent for it!Single mom dating or dating a single dad can be challenging and rewarding, daunting and exciting – especially if you’ve never done it before.

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