Avoidant personality disorder and dating

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Avoidant personality disorder and dating - Male and female cam masturbation chat

Ok, I get it, but when you know people are coming out to have a BBQ with you would hope he would have his pants on.his son (my husband) has caught him naked out there, which is why when this one day I we drove out to the wood me, my husband and my son.

He hasn't been able to achieve an erection is a while and I think this has a lot to do with his actions. He owns a lot of woods and we fourwheel and have bon fires in an area in there.He likes to sit naked in his room(which is fine in your own privacy), but his bedroom window is where he sits at and when we are outside we go and talk to him. He will take a blanket to cover, but ALWAYS mention." Oh, I better cover up, haha." THen about 1 year ago he just decided to flash me after he made that comment. I was afraid he would do something stupid like punch his dad (which honestly I wish I could have).Always says sexual jokes, It didn't seem to bother me in the past...I just figured he was a dirty old man (69 years old now).I think he likes the thrill of getting caught, even though he never has. This spot is Bob's little get away in the mornings when it is nice out.

He would tell me he likes to sit naked out there because he feels free.

My Hubby left and now I'm left with a man I thought I knew and someone who thought of me as a daughter, not quite. I pulled into the his garage and was praying my husband was not going to come over to help.

I told him, "alright we have to go a huge storm is coming" he just didn't want to leave. He then said that I don't care for him and since i won't look at him I don't care. He had his dad the only man he could actually trust and now HE has totally crossed the line with me and now has disrespected his son. As he gets into the truck I noticed he had NO pants on. I told his dad to go inside and go to bed( even though it was about 1pm). He then proceeds with.."just touch it, just touch it, please, just a poke." I was ready to cry/scream. I didn't want to be rude, cause god forbid he might do something stupid to himself once he realized what the hell he did.

Well as we were pulling up he was puttting his pants on.

I didn't see anything, but he knew we were coming...started out for an awkward bbq. He rarely drinks and to be drunk by noon was totally not normal. I told my hubby to take max home on the four wheeler and I would pick up the food and stuff because his dad was so drunk and that I would drive his home.

The clever ones go to Oxford or Harvard, invent computers, write novels, and leave the rest of us in awe...

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