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(I don’t think you ever get Succubi like that in the Keep levels in the live game, but they look the same when found later in Act 3 and Act 4.) Both shots are from early-2012, so this is obviously not something new in Reaper of Souls.The fact that the Succubi are nude, and even arguably (sort of? The Succubi in Diablo 1 were basically pin up models, topless and dressed only in color-coordinated thigh-high boots, g-strings, and sexy (and entirely-ornamental) Victoria’s Secret style wings.

Gerne auch junge Paare wo ER Lust hat, seine SIE von einem älteren Mann mal abficken zu lassen.he’s a ‘Murkan, as this is about the only modern Western nation where female toplessness remains a shocking anything, to anyone.I run our Inc HC West clan on the US server and our (totally full, because 150 is way too low a cap) Inc HC clan on EU, and just a few days ago I witnessed some clan chat were half a dozen of the guys were marveling that female boobs were considered nudity, and that any sort of erotic, consensual sex was shocking disallowed on US TV, while no amount of violence or gruesome rape/torture/etc was considered excessive.At least that’s what it looks like in the renders and official artwork. An assertion I think is proven by that last render, of the desert Lacuni (called Saber Cats in D2).Yes, that’s official Diablo 2 artwork, a close up of the image produced by Bliz North artist Michael Dashow for an ancient (but awesome) magazine cover.Now be honest; how many of you guys who played hundreds (thousands?

) of hours of Diablo 2 ever noticed that the Act 2 Kitty Legionnaires (as we called them back then) were topless? If Lady Victoria is the latest in this proud heritage of slightly-exploitative T&A in the Diablo series, I’m proud just to be a witness to it.

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Amazing how much less fun that AI was when you didn’t get to watch their buns swaying during the chase? ” guy from the Blue post to know or care if they were topless or not.

Plus two other female monster renders from D2, to round out the gallery: Happily, Andariel and the Corrupted Rogues took up the “we have perky boobs” baton from Diablo 1’s succubi. I loved D1 and D2’s visual style and mood and tone and theme, but trying to pick out any specific detail from the pixels of the 2D sprite graphics was a fool’s errand.

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