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By then, police had confirmed the true identity of their suspect as Leonard Lake.

Creamies developed an ice milk bar made with real fruit and other natural flavorings that the children and their parents loved.

Back in civilian life, he was living in San Jose, California, and briefly attended San Jose State University, however he dropped out after one semester.

It is believed that he joined a group of hippies in the early 1970s and settled with them in a hippie commune.

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Stone's scale of evil the highest category on the chart.

The thrash metal band Exodus has a song titled "The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles" written about Lake and Ng on their 2010 album Exhibit B: The Human Condition.

Lake was arrested in 1982 for a firearms violation, but he skipped bail and settled into a remote ranch in Wilseyville, Calaveras County, owned by his ex-wife Balasz.

In 1982, Lake met a man from Hong Kong named Charles Ng and the two struck up a friendship.

In 1965 at age 19, Lake joined the Marine Corps and served two tours of duty in the Vietnam War as a radar operator.

Diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder, Lake was eventually given a medical discharge in 1971 and underwent psychotherapy.

Five of the bodies were of men lured to the ranch to be robbed and killed including Robin Stapley and Paul Cosner and the 12th was identified as 18-year-old Kathleen Allen, who knew Ng because her boyfriend had once been his cellmate in prison.

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